BOHO Style Wedding

October 31, 2020

Anke Jokanovic

In August I received a call for help from a Dutch couple. Originally they had planned their wedding on Zakyntos, which was canceled on short notice by the organizer and so the alternative was called Madeira. However, since the couple dreamed of a beach wedding in the boho style, speed and inventiveness were required. After several phone calls with the bride, it was clear that everything would work out and the anticipation increased. Arriving on Madeira, we had a preliminary talk in which the decision was quickly made: The location will be the neighboring island of Porto Santo. The couple had their own film team from Holland with them. So the ferry tickets for all were quickly booked and early in the morning we went to the 9 km long sandy beach. Since the couple was in wedding clothes, we were invited on the ferry to the bridge by the captain and he upgraded us to the 1st class. When we arrived in Porto Santo, we drove across the island in a jeep to several destinations. I think the pictures speak for themselves. It was a great day, the couple was super happy and we arrived back in Madeira at 10 p.m relaxed and satisfied.