Wedding 09-09-20

September 10, 2020

Anke Jokanovic

Good morning from sunny and flower-filled Funchal. Since the Corona restrictions for weddings have largely been lifted, we were able to accompany a couple into the port of marriage again yesterday. Starting with the morning styling for the bride and groom, the decorated vintage car with driver “Rui” stood in front of the hotel. The booked photographer “Julio Castro” with his videographer “Victor” were also on site and so we could start. We drove towards the wedding location “Faja dos Padres”. On the way, the videographer managed to shoot from the motorway bridge onto the couple and their open vehicle. Arrived at the wedding location, which was again beautifully decorated, the ceremony could begin by the registrar. Our bridal couple happily exchanged their wedding rings and their vows, toasted a glass of champagne and drove overjoyed to other wonderful locations for the further photo shoot. Our couple ended the day with a great dinner in the booked hotel “Porto Mare”. The team there went to great lengths. Chilled sparkling wine in the room and champagne before dinner rounded off the day. Congratulations to everyone!