New Website

September 6, 2020

Anke Jokanovic

With a sunny greeting, just in time for the annual flower festival, I am reporting from the magical island of Madeira on my revised website, which now also includes a blog. From now on I will from time to time provide you with the latest information from and about the island and report on weddings that have taken place.
At the moment, Funchal and its city center are particularly beautifully decorated with flowers. Due to the Corona regulations, the big move was a bit smaller, but, as always, very popular with everyone.
Regarding the Corona regulations and tests, the tests will be carried out for free upon arrival here at Madeira Airport. You will also receive a small bottle of water and a banana. The test is carried out quickly and professionally in consultation. Depending on which contact (email or mobile phone number) you have given, you will usually be informed of the test result in less than 12 hours.
The weddings take place in front of the registry office again. The registrar wears a mask to protect the couple and their guests. The wedding party, the photographer and I are exempt from the mask requirement. So “dare” yourself, it’s worth it. The island is relaxed and at the moment you can enjoy all the nature and island even more relaxed, as there are of course fewer tourists. See you here on my blog again soon, your wedding assistant Anke