Why Madeira?

Why Madeira? A Garden in the Atlantic

Madeira Island is known for its lustful gardens, flora and fauna. It’s the perfect scenario for any kind of wedding. Providing you with a mild climate all year round, meaning it’s never too hot or too cold.

Of volcanic origin, situated in the Atlantic Ocean at approximately 1000km southwest of Portugal and 600km of Morocco’s coast. Worldwide known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic” it is constituted by 2 inhabited larger islands. Madeira Island and Porto Santo Island. And also by Desertas Islands and Sevagens.

Madeira is the largest and main island with 740 square kilometers of lustful and thrilling landscapes. A variety of elevations and valleys with a green color palette that enchant everybody’s view. It’s name derives from the dense vegetation when it was discovered in 1419 by João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira. A small spot of green in this vast ocean, so rare in this planet. It’s biodiversity, which Madeirans are aware of and respect, was perpetuated in 1999 by UNESCO, as a World Heritage Site.

With many activities to offer, one of it’s main attractions are the Levadas. A network of hiking trails following more than 2000 kilometers of narrow irrigation channels known as levadas criss-crossing Madeira’s mountainous countryside. Many lead into the Laurisilva forest. A remnant of the semi-tropical vegetation that covered the island before Portuguese explorers arrived in 1419.

In Funchal you find plenty of large-scale ocean-front hotels in all categories for reasonable prices. A good alternative although is staying in a quinta. These are aristocratic country houses, which are often linked to the wine trade. There’s accommodation for any of your expectations, from lustful hotels by the sea, to warm-welcoming cottages in the mountains.

Madeira/ Portugal is one of the few countries in Europe where future couples can be married without being a citizen. Prerequisite for this is that the corresponding documents which are necessary for the wedding ceremony are available. This depends on the status of the wedding couples. We can tell you exactly what documents are needed to be presented and ensure the correct translation when needed.

For this reason, Madeira offers everything you need for your dream wedding and your special day. Far away from the unexceptional in an environment that is second to none.

                                                                     Everything out of one hand managed by Anke and her team.

Flights to Madeira

With direct flights from all parts of the world, getting here isn’t a problem. This offer is increasingly diversifying as new low-cost flights bring new visitors. Also major companies expand their routes to bring their clients from all over the world.