Your Wedding

Your Wedding

There is a variety of ways to celebrate your wedding in Madeira. Have a look at our setups and services.

Besides this you can also have a wedding celebration in advance of your wedding ceremony, or just afterwards. Some couples just want to repeat their marriage promise in a suitable, romantic and beautiful environment just by their own. Having a delicious meal, a rich wine and time to remember. Anke can also guide you through the celebration and will arrange the rest according to your wishes. So you really don’t have to worry about it.

Just have a look at our pictures and see, if you would like to do something like that. On the other hand, you may have an idea by yourself how to conduct your special moment. Just write and ask us. We will check on it and clarify whether it is feasible.

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Hotel Setup

We have a great variety of hotels, which work together with us and offer different kinds of setups. Keep in mind, that you don’t have to stay in the hotel where the ceremony takes place. You are totally free in your choice where you want to stay. And also where you want to celebrate the ceremony with the corresponding setup. We book the setup for you taking your wishes into account.

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Beach Setup

On the island of Madeira and Porto Santo you can have the chance to celebrate your wedding ceremonies at the beach. Nevertheless it takes a while to get the authorisation. Therefore we need to have some time to arrange it. Please keep that in mind.

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Other Places

There is a variety of ways to celebrate your wedding in Madeira. Just have a look at our pictures and see if you would like something like that. On the other hand, you may have an idea by yourself how to conduct your special moment. Just write and ask us. We will check on it.

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Marry & Sail

A very special offer for couples who love the sea and are looking for and prefer an exceptional wedding location that is unique and is looking for the same.

First the civil wedding in the harbor on the very neat and wonderful sailing boat and then you go on an unforgettable sailing tour off the coast of Funchal to experience the island from a different perspective.

This setup is a wedding variant that stands out from a normal wedding and does not make you forget the most beautiful day of your togetherness.

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Boho Style

Many inquiries reach us about the implementation of weddings in the currently trendy BOHO style (Bohemian-Style). Certain accessories are required for this, which we can provide to design the wedding according to your wishes, whether in Madeira or Porto Santo. Just ask us. Let yourself be inspired by our pictures or write us your ideas. We will try to implement this in your interests and make you a wonderful and unforgettable day.


If you did not have the chance to get married on our beautiful island because you were prevented to do so, the time did not fit or other imponderables led to it, it would be a good alternative to spend the honeymoon here. The island offers so many opportunities to really enjoy the time together and explore the island.

Maybe you don’t want to stay just in one place, but spend a few days in different areas of the island. From glamping to hotels in the mountains, at the sea side and on the beautiful island of Porto Santo, which is only 2.5 hours away from Madeira by boat, you can design your honeymoon individually.

If you want to take part in various activities during this time, you can choose from a variety of options. From hiking, which is particularly popular in Madeira on the numerous levadas, there are opportunities to go diving, paragliding, jeep safaris, canyoning, whale watching, mountain biking etc. You can adapt and put your program together individually and according to your needs and wishes.

Just contact or write us down your ideas. We will find the right offer for you to make your honeymoon extraordinary, which will make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

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As already mentioned, Madeira has a big variety of hotels and accommodations at your disposal. Beside the hotels we also can offer you a variety of very nice apartments and houses, Pool Villas for reasonable prices. Just let us know what kind of place you’re looking for. We will find the right place for you with the best rates.

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Don’t you like to stay in hotels? How about a nice, excellently equipped boutique hotel. Raised above the historic city center of Funchal, you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the view of Funchal and the sea. The hotel is central enough to reach everything on foot and to be in the city center quickly. You walk 5 minutes to the coast, 4 minutes to the sea pool, 6 minutes to the old town with its diverse restaurants. Everything in Funchal can be reached with a short walk from here.

If you don’t want to live in an apartment or a hotel, how about a dreamy holiday home in Funchal, from which you can walk to everywhere. The house is very lovely furnished and offers everything you need to feel comfortable and enjoy your holiday to the full. In addition to the sea view, the house offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with showers, a barbecue on the terrace and air conditioning. The functional and fully equipped kitchen has a microwave, dishwasher and washing machine. A WLAN in the house is of course also available.

From here you can explore the island with a rental car or Funchal by foot. It is only 1.5 kilometers to the city center.

Little Town House even offers free airport transfers.

When planning your stay in Madeira, you should also spend a few days on the beautiful island of Porto Santo, as far as your time allows. The trip by ferry lasts only 2,5 hours.  A sandy beach of  9 kilometers long is waiting for you and it feels like a bit of the Caribbean, flair, great bathing opportunities in the entire beach area is waiting for you.  All in all, you can look forward to a relaxed stay with many small restaurants where you feel comfortable and which encourage you to stay. Right at the entrance of Vila Baleira (main town), 150 meters next to the large supermarket, there are very nice, comfortably furnished apartments that invite you to relax. The beach is only 5 minutes foot way from the apartments. Each apartment has a terrace and all apartments are fully equipped. From here everything can be reached by foot within a few minutes. Sotavento Guest House


Have you already thought about it how you would like to go to your ceremony? On this particular day it would be appropriate to have an extraordinary vehicle. But of course you can also use your own rental car. Anyway, if you like, have a look for the vehicles we offer and which suits your conception and wishes. We will help you with your choice and booking.

We can also arrange all necessary transfers for you by taxi. Whether from or to the different locations during your ceremonies, to the airport and your accommodation.

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We offer the service of a professional photographer who can capture the important moments of your wedding day. Either by picture or may be additionally by video. A great memory to enjoy this wonderful experience and special day in the aftermath. Depending on the package you choose, he will be on the spot to capture the most important moments for you. After the ceremony he can take memorable photos in different places.

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Bridal Bouquet

An important detail of a wedding is the bridal bouquet. Also the decoration of the table for the ceremony or a subsequent festivity. In cooperation with our local florists, we offer you a wide range of possibilities. You can also realize your own ideas and wishes. Do you have a picture or can you describe your ideas in color and appearance? We will take care of implementation!

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For a festive occasion such as a wedding belongs the corresponding hairstyle. Describe us your ideas to it (picture). Not only the bride but also the participating guests have the possibility to get a hair styling. Either in your hotel or accommodation before the ceremony. We would be glad to provide you with details.

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Wedding Cake & Candy Bar

For this special occasion, a wedding cake is just one item you have think about. There are many possibilities to implement your wishes and suggestions. Just have a look at our website. May be it’s a suggestion which you can combine with your own decisions.

We also offer for the small and “big” children a candy bar with a variety of treats you can rarely resist. In between, something sweet is gladly taken by everyone. Candies are always a welcome in between challenge for body and soul.

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Music DJ

Some couples like to have a musical background before or after the ceremony. Or may be at the wedding party in the evening. This can be arranged by your own music, by a DJ, a saxophonist, a violinist, a singer etc. If you are interested, simply ask for the different possibilities which we can offer. Basically everything is possible and feasible.

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Guests Present

Have you ever thought of giving your guests a small present as a reminder of this wedding celebration in Madeira? It would be very attentive and would please your guests that you pay attention to them. Especially on your special day. Just say thank you for their presence and being a part of it! Possibilities of implementation are many! Ask us, we will advise you!

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Boat Tour

Because of its unique location Madeira is the perfect place to take a relaxing boat trip on a catamaran or a sailboat. It`s the chance to see the beautiful island from a different perspective. Beside this you have the opportunity to observe the dolphins and whales. Whether you do it with all the guests after the wedding or on one of the following days. It will be a special experience in connection with the wedding which will be remembered for a long time.

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Props & Decorations

At a wedding, there are many ways to give this special day a very personal touch. These little things help to make this day an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds as well as for the guests. Little things that round off the arrangement and turn it into a dream wedding.

We have a wide array of props and decorative options for your wedding. From balloons, skyballoons, flying pigeons and others.

If you don’t find what you are looking for or have an own idea, ask us and we will check, if it`s possible to realize it.

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Should you intend to celebrate in the evening? Do you have smaller children who need to be cared of during the ceremony? We can insure that everybody can enjoy the ceremony/celebration in peace and without haste. Therefore we can provide babysitters, who will be very happy to take care of the kids and relieve the parents.

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Aerial Photography

Nowadays the technique offers us special options which were in former days not evaluable. One item is a drone with the opportunity to see persons or scenes out of a totally different perspective.

It’s like a bird eye watching your celebration or the participating guests. So wouldn’t it be very nice to have this kind of memory. You can use it to take pictures or a video which you can share afterwards with your family or your friends. It’s also a very nice remembrance of this special day for yourself.

Therefore we offer a service of Aerial Photography allowing to capture the best moments of your wedding from unique and spectacular perspectives!

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